Traditional Investment Funds

Traditional Investment Funds

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Relative Return/Traditional Investment Funds

Through definition, an investment fund gives investors coverage to a selection of securities; property, commodities, bonds, shares etc. The role of an investment manager is to monitor and amend where necessary to the constituents of the given fund, with each fund typically holding anywhere from 30 to 150 individual holdings.

Relative return or traditional funds have a tendency to remain aligned with the markets as they move, with their respective manager aiming to exceed the appropriate benchmarks.

This stipulates that the manager will only usually invest on a “Long Only” basis since they are dependent on the value of the fund’s investments, which includes dividends, appreciating in order to generate a favourable return.

When choosing traditional investment funds, Brookfield Investment Funds PLC looks to pinpoint those that have a solid track record of providing strong risk-adjusted returns, often favouring fund managers and funds that are not constrained by benchmarking and take contrarian views regardless of market wisdom.

Inside this category there are a broad range of strategies, territories and asset classes which include:

  • Commodities & Resources

    Funds that invest in companies with exposure to commodities and commodities themselves including alternative energy, packaging and paper, construction materials and chemicals.

  • Equities

    Funds that invest in small-cap, special situations, thematic strategies, frontier and emerging markets, developed and global equities. In every case, we draw on our managers who have proven track records within their specific forte.

  • Fixed Interest/Total Return

    Bond based investments that generate returns from combining currency gains, capital appreciation and interest income by investing principally in floating and fixed rate debt securities and debt obligations of corporate issuers, government-related or governments globally.

  • Real Estate

    Funds that are exposed to real estate are typically REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts) or simple property funds. These are managed by fund managers who have the support of analysts that are situated globally affording them very specific and detailed knowledge of particular companies, economies and properties into which they invest and experience exposure.