Asset Management

Asset Management

“Through the careful analysis of our clienteles’ attitude to tolerance of risk, we can adapt our solutions in order to provide optimal outcomes.”


Nurturing the trust of our clients is the flux of our success and growth as a firm. Trust is earned by always putting the interest of our clients first while always striving to surpass their expectations.

Complete Attention

We are focused in regards to the manner that we look after our clients. It is our goal to develop long-lasting relationships which allows us to gain a strong handle on clearly understanding the concerns and objectives of our clients.

Through the provision of tailored solutions to every client, by definition, they are assured of our complete attention.

Tolerance to Risk

Brookfield Investment Funds PLC ’s approach to the management of risk, in particular, investment risk, is distinct. We concentrate on preserving capital as much as we take into account more typical risk measures such as volatility. Through the diligent analysis of our clients’ attitude towards and understanding of risk, we can tailor solutions that are aimed at optimising long-term, positive outcomes.


We are proud to be able to provide clients with up-to-date access to the vanguard of wealth managers globally while remaining 100% independent.

This translates to being able to provide genuinely unbiased recommendations that are driven solely by our commitment to provide the very best solutions for our clients.

Global Outlook

We provide global solutions for our clientele. Our continuous efforts aim to identify augmented, risk-adjusted investment returns. This results in portfolios that contain investments across all markets depending on the current economic climate. The extent and depth of our research and level of due diligence allows us to construct truly diversified portfolios, with returns being driven by traditional and alternative asset classes.


We bring an open-minded and innovative approach to all our work, knowing the value of convention while always endeavouring to “Do Better”. It is our aim to identify improved solutions to our client’s requirements, never being afraid to think differently.