We deliver fully managed portfolios

Your goals may be centered on your family, your future, your business or a mixture of several different variables. We can assist with all aspects of financial planning & wealth management

Who We Are

Brookfield Investment Funds PLC deliver a complimentary range of consulting, wealth and asset management services like no other

Brookfield Investment Funds PLC is a dedicated provider of corporate advisory, wealth management and investment management services. Our team brings a wealth of experience, with strategic relationships with top financial institutions and asset managers globally. All aligned with a commitment to exceptional service.

Brookfield Investment Funds multi-disciplinary team works diligently with clients, their representatives and meticulously selected third parties to provide flawless, expert advice.

Custom Trading Platform

Our Custom designed online trading platform allows our clients to keep in touch with every single live investment in real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any internet enabled device.

This gives you complete control of your positions at all times and only you can access your trading platform.

Brookfield’s directors provide clients with a wealth of experience, strategic relationships with premier asset managers and financial institutions, with a commitment to exceptional service.

Asset Management

“Through the careful analysis of our clienteles’ attitude to tolerance of risk, we can adapt our solutions in order to provide optimal outcomes.”

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Wealth Management

“Wealth and asset management services which ensure that every aspect of each client’s financial future requirements is taken into account and holistically managed”.

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“We support and advise private and public-sector organisations within the areas of finance and strategy.”

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